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Get Fast Relief from Infestations With Our Same-Day Service

Pest infestations don’t happen at convenient times, but with Pass Pest Control on the job, you won’t have to wait long for relief. We specialize in providing the fastest, most effective pest control service that starts for as low as $39/month. With our same-day and Saturday pest control service, you can have an expert at your door in no time, ready to solve your pest problem as fast as possible.

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Pest Control in Kentucky and Indiana

Here in Indiana and Kentucky, pest infestations are a common occurrence for both homeowners and business owners. Have no fear - the local pest experts at Pass Pest Control can help provide pest protection that will last for years to come. Our pest control service is based on a commitment to quality; we proudly utilize reduced-risk pest control services that keep you and your loved ones safe without sacrificing results. Our state-certified exterminators also undergo ongoing training to keep them up-to-date on industry standards and the most effective techniques for controlling pests. No matter the pest problem you’re up against, we can help. Give us a call at 812-483-1637!

We provide the following pest control treatments:

  • Ant Control
  • Spider Control
  • Roach Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Stinging Insect Control
  • Termite Treatments
  • Bed Bug Treatments
  • Mosquito Control
  • And more!

We Utilize Reduced-Risk Pest Control Services

Trying to treat pests on your own can be risky. Many store-bought solutions for pest control only deter pests or slow down their invasion efforts. Worse, many products contain harmful chemicals that can damage your furniture and put your children or pets at risk. Here at Pass Pest Control, our priority is your family’s safety and peace of mind because we know what works.

Because we take your safety seriously, we utilize reduced-risk services and industry safety protocols to make our pest control process as safe for your family as they are tough on pests. Our exterminators are trained to handle pest control products and have the knowledge and expertise of the best ways and times to apply them to garner the best results possible for your home and family.  

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Pest Problems on a Saturday? We Can Help!

It’s time to stop waiting around for bug infestations to clear up on their own. If you’re ready to get professional pest control that eliminates your problems quickly and easily, our exterminators at Pass Pest Control are ready to provide you that. In addition to providing same-day service Monday through Friday, we are also happy to offer Saturday scheduling. Pests don’t follow a 9-5 schedule, so neither do we! When you partner with us for your pest control needs, you can expect the following:

  • A FREE pest inspection to assess your home’s needs and the type of pest(s) you’re dealing with.
  • A detailed consultation with a trained exterminator on pest control treatment and program options.
  • Application of pest control treatments on the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Reliable reduced-risk services to keep your home and loved ones safe from dangerous chemicals.
  • Recurring pest control treatments to keep pests away from your home and property permanently. 

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Fixed Prices for 3 Years - We Promise!

There’s nothing as frustrating as finding a pest service that meets your needs only to have the price jacked up when you least expect it. While many of our competitors raise their prices annually, we believe in giving our neighbors consistent and reliable pest control prices they can count on. Our exterminators at Pass Pest Control not only guarantee to keep your home free of pests all year round, but we also guarantee to keep your price the same for 3 years. And with pest services starting at $39/month, that’s not an opportunity you want to miss.

We Offer a Variety of Pest Control Services

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are a nuisance at best, and health risk at worst. Pass Pest Control is equipped with the latest technologies and strategies to get your mosquito problem under control, reducing your risk of mosquito-borne illnesses and helping you get back to enjoying your time outdoors. 

Our Backyard Mosquito Service includes an inspection of your home to identify common breeding sources for mosquitos. We’ll provide a chemical treatment to protect against mosquitoes AND help you come up with a plan to get rid of the conditions that brought mosquitoes to your property in the first place. 

The experienced staff of Pass Pest Control will also help you prepare for and appropriately communicate relevant changes during our Backyard Mosquito Service process, especially for large public or commercial areas. 

Spider Control

No one wants spiders in their home, especially the venomous brown recluse spiders common throughout the tri-state area. The Pass Pest Control team will inspect the darkest corners of your house or commercial property to find and monitor the activity of brown recluse or other spiders. 

If brown recluse spiders are detected, Pass Pest Control will provide elimination services custom to you and your property. This process will include a chemical application to wall voids and trapping. 

Brown recluse are resilient but can be eliminated with time. Pass Pest Control recommends ongoing pest control services to make sure your home stays spider-free after your initial treatment.   

Ant Control

Ants rarely travel solo so if you see one, chances are the rest of the colony is nearby in the thousands. Knowing that ants are in the home means they could be in your kitchen, bathrooms, food and clothes, which is an unnerving thought. Our team at Pass Pest  Control is here to put those nerves to rest and those invading pests back in their place and out of your home!

Ants are commonly found on eaves, door and window frames, foundations of vents, bases of trees, and patio edges. These nuisances want to come inside for food and water during the warmer summer months so get the Pass Pest guarantee. We know what works.

Notice ants in your home? Need it done quickly and efficiently? Call Pass Pest Control and save the worries of a DIY job. We promise to have your house back to the home you meant it to be. Our ongoing service means that we will return to your home throughout the year to ensure our service has been effective. If not, we’ll fix it for free between regular services.  

Rodent Control

Rodents will do anything to get into your home. The comforts you enjoy are the same that attract them - but Pass Pest Control is prepared to take them back to where they belong. Over time, property succumbs to wear and tear, and that settling allows holes in your home or business’ defenses. It’s vital to your safety that your property is always secure, as the best way to attack a rodent issue is to keep them out of the home to begin with.

Rodents can cause not only sanitation issues but property damage as well. Chewed wires and tresses are common maladies associated with a rodent infestation. These can lead to structural issues and potential fire hazards. Mice and rats are not welcome in your home, and Pass Pest Control is readily equipped to deal with any rodent calling your home it's home. Our services differ depending on your needs, but we’re always prepared to get the job done.

Inspection is always the first step - we want to know what we’re dealing with. This potentially can identify other issues, such as how rodents may have entered the premises in the first place. Evaluative check-ins on the treatment efficacy will always be done to make sure the job was done right. 

After the initial inspection, our team will better understand the infestation, allowing us to pick a specific treatment for that species. Trapping and baiting may be used in place of traditional chemical treatments. If you opt for the traditional treatment, we are more than equipped to provide. We take great care to make sure that children and pets are safe. Rodents found a way into your property somehow, so now the question is: where? Pass Pest Control can locate those entry points and potential nest locations and eliminate them, strengthening your defenses. 

Commercial Pest Control

Have a pest problem in your business? Is your commercial property suffering at the hands of those pesky pests? Don’t let pest infestation stop your business from growing! Business owners have enough problems on your plate and pest infestation is one you should not have to worry about. Keeping your property clean for employees and customers is important to us. Here at Pass Pest Control, if pests want in, we’ll keep them out.

With a pest problem in your commercial property, you, your employees, and your customers are at risk of infestation. Customers value a sanitary point-of-business and a clean workplace keeps employees satisfied. Want to keep the smiles on their faces? Give us a call!

Take action before the problem arises and schedule a preventative appointment with the most experienced pest control company in the Tri-State area. Pass Pest Control offers the most professional and effective commercial pest control services at your convenience. 

Disinfecting Services

During this difficult time, Pass Pest Control is introducing a COVID-19 disinfecting service to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your business and home. How does it work? We will be utilizing the all-in-one solution Nisus DSV (disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide), labeled by the EPA as effective against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Nisus DSV is a powerful disinfectant that is highly effective against disease-causing bacteria, a sanitizer that can rid an area of germs and fungi, and a virucide capable of killing the COVID-19 virus. Pass Pest Control wants to keep you protected now more than ever.

In addition, the department of homeland security has designated pest-control as an essential service. This means we are encouraged to continue operations during statewide shutdowns. Our residential services will be exterior-only unless you request interior service in which case we will be wearing COVID-19 protective gear to protect you as well as ourselves. Commercial services will be interior where required.

Sign Up For Our Recurring AllPest™ Treatment

There’s only one way to be sure your home is taken care of. Our AllPest™ Treatment covers all pests inside and outside your home, including the structure of your property. This premium service offering is unique in the industry. We are the only company to guarantee protection against bed bugs, termites, ants, wasps, fleas, roaches, spiders, and more. These are all pests that have no place in a safe and sanitary household. We cover them all - and more if need be. 

This all-inclusive service is designed to provide the ultimate peace of mind for your family and your home. AllPest™ is one service for a low monthly fee, protecting against all pests and invaders. Our recurring treatment ensures that your home is safe year-round.  We know what works. We guarantee it!

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Local Pest Control Company That Does More

Are you paying for someone to spray your baseboards? In our business, we derisively call these kinds of exterminators baseboard jockeys. They use a spray and pray mentality, meaning it is not a very effective pest control method.

At Pass Pest Control our highly trained pest control exterminators do so much more! What we do is called Integrated Pest Management, something we introduced to clients over 35 years ago. We rely less on chemicals and more on things like mechanical controls, eliminating pest harborage areas and points of access. Sanitation consulting and standard operating procedures play a role in prevention.

Call now at 812-483-1637 for a free audit of your current pest control service, a free estimate, and a complete pest management plan.

Save $50 on Pest Control

Here at Pass Pest Control we know that pest infestations are already stressful enough without having to worry about expensive pest control fees. That is why we are offering $50 off our pest control services. Contact our pest exterminators today and schedule your appointment.

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Areas We Provide Pest Control Service

Here at Pass Pest Control, we provide the best pest control in certain areas of Kentucky and Indiana. As a locally owned company, we take great pride in protecting our neighbors home’s and providing the following service in these areas:

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